Small part storage solution

September 2015

Unable to find a storage solution for the increasing number of surface mount components in my collection I decided to make my own. Five hours later I had the answer, a 64 drawer cabinet 270mm x 138mm x 52mm ( 10.5" x 5.5" x 2").
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Tabbed Box Maker Updated for Inkscape 0.91

January 2015

New BoxMaker updated to work with Inkscape 0.91
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Automaton 2

April 2013

A smaller and much cheaper version of the automaton motor controller.


January 2013

A mistletoe decoration for a new years party, the balls are made from beer can widgets and the leaves are made from flattened plastic tube, the whole thing illuminated with white LEDs salvaged from a cheap LED headlght.

Tools for the job - pallet breaker

November 2012

Pallets are a great source of free timber, unfortunately the nails used in their construction makes it difficult to dismantle without smashing the wood, so I made a tool..


October 2012

Needing a simple way to make a small motor do a sequence of motions I made a controller using my favourite microcontroller the PIC10F322 and an h-bridge IC.
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Pickit Tip

September 2012

It seems I'm not the first to discover that 0.68mm diameter pogo pins fit perfectly into a Pickits connector, obviating the need for an ICSP socket on the target board.

Tools for the job - plastic case cutter

August 2012

One of the most useful skills for a maker is the making of tools.
Even though tools exist for most tasks it is often easier to make a tool for a specific job than finding a commercial product which can often take longer and cost more.

It is common these days for many products to be contained in glued together plastic boxes, though these boxes generally have an obvious seam where the two halves are attached no amount of prying will separate them, the only option is then to cut them apart.
So I made a tool... More here.

"Ribbit" A Chorus Of Frogs

May 2012

An interactive exhibition piece for Handmade a collection of electronic musical frogs illustrating complex patterns caused by simple rules and interactions.
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DC Motor Controller

April 2012

A recent project required the control of a sizeable 12 Volt DC motor, the resulting PWM motor controller was somewhat over-engineered, but useful lessons were learned in the process.
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Triangle Bracket

January 2012

A friends need for somewhere to hang the dinner triangle gave me the ideal opportunity to make use of a recently aquired anvil to bend some iron.
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January 2012

A cheap alternative for lightweight Arduino projects using an Atmel ATTiny44 and making use of the MIT high-low tech programming ATTiny with Arduino 1.0 to allow the use of the arduino development environment.
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Tabbed Box Maker

October 2011

After making a box with tabbed contruction for a home theatre keyboard, I realised that a tool was needed to make the tabs accounting for the width of the cut to ensure a tight fit of the joints.
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Small Crate Storage

March 2011

Years of scavenging materials have left my workshops congested, I needed a compact storage system in order to sort the parts. A local discount store was selling cheap small plastic crates (30cm x 20cm), so I decided to base a storage unit on them.
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Five Bar Gate

October 2009

A lightweight gate made of pine and steel tubing with hand made hinges and latch.