Small Crate Storage

March 2011

The original design was literally sketched on the back of an envelope, I then used Inkscape (a free vector drawing package) to produce a detailed scale drawing.
Available here: crate_store.svg 20kB (right click and save as)

The storage unit was built from a single 2400mmx1220mm sheet of 18mm MDF, the scale drawing was exported from inkscape as a PDF and imported into ShopBot Partworks (otherwise known as Vectric Vcarve Pro) in Partworks any open tool paths were fixed and tabs were added to support loose pieces the result was then saved as a .CRV file.
A 1/4 inch end mill cutter was used to cut out the sheet on the ShopBot, taking 4 passes to cut all the way through, the whole job taking approx 1 hour. With hindsight I would have used Partworks to add dog bone fillets to save a lot of filing to make internal corners square

Final assembly.