Small part storage solution

September 2015

Having tried small bags inside larger drawers and found it an unsatisfactory solution, I realized the best storage would not generate static (acrylic was therefore out) be as small as practical and quick to access.
And so I decided to make a tiny drawer cabinet out of 2mm MDF.
All the SVG files required to make the cabinet are here: (36kB)

The drawers were sized to allow a narrow label with enough characters to describe the contents, any supplementary information is written on a piece of paper in the bottom of the drawer.

After two hours slaving in Inkscape I had a design for a 64 drawer unit using three 600mmx300mm sheets of MDF with minimum waste, all the finger joints were generated with my boxmaker inkscape extension with the kerf corrected for cutting on an Epilog Mini 24 (but also worked fine on a Trotec laser cutter after tweaking the speed and power settings).

A set of parts for a drawer was used to fine tune the cutter settings and ensure a tight enough fit of the drawer joints (no glue is needed if the joints are tight) before commiting to cut the full sheets.

After almost an hour on the laser cutter I had all the parts.

The box was the only part that required some PVA glue and a large rubber band to hold it together while it set.

During assembly of the drawers a small rubber mallet was used to close the joints.

Two hours later the drawers had been assembled and the cabinet was finished.